Donate to the Order

It is the ardent desire of the Order to grow in membership, that is, to attract those persons who, after reading about our establishment and goals, are convinced of its worthiness as relates to its pursuit of its objectives and its firm hope to be of true assistance to our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ who are in distress, especially those in the Middle East and Holy Land.

If, after careful review and prayer, you are led to become a part of the Order, please refer to the section on this site entitled “Membership” and follow the instructions.

If you decide to not join but desire to give a tax deductible donation to the work of the Order, you may use a check, money order or use the PayPal donate button below.

For check or money order, please use the following as payee:  “The Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr”, indicating the word “Donation” in the memo section. Thank you!

Through the intercessions of Saint George the Great Martyr may God protect you, guide you and keep you always!


PLEASE NOTE: General donations of $1,000 USD or less to the Order are automatically applied in the following manner: 80% is applied towards the philanthropy of the Order while 20% is retained for administrative expenses.

For donations above $1,000 USD, Donors have the right to direct the distribution of their donation and determine these proportions. The Order does request that you indicate the ratios that you would like to be applied.

PayPal maintains a space to leave a note to indicate the ratio. If you are writing a check or money Order, please indicate the ratio in the “memo section”.

Please choose one of the following ratios for donations over $1,000 USD:

80%/20% (standard)





PLEASE NOTE: All donations for the annual philanthropic mission and for special emergency fundraisers go 100% directly to that purpose. The Order retains nothing.