About the Order

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The content of this post is taken from the Order's 2020 information brochure. If you or your church would like to print out these brochures for distribution, printable, double-sided PDF documents are listed at the end of this post.

The Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr is an international, pan-Orthodox, confraternal Order of Christian Chivalry formally established in 2019 with the ecclesiastical blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. As an Orthodox Order of Knighthood, the Order is open to any Orthodox Christian (both male and female, cleric or lay) who is in good and moral standing with the Church. The Order was founded with the purpose of caring for Orthodox Christians who find themselves in need, want, or under persecution for their faith. Thus, the Order takes very seriously its desire to see full dignity, human rights. and freedom for all Orthodox Christians, regardless of where they live. For this reason, the Order places upon itself the responsibility to try and advocate for those Orthodox Christians who are not free.

The Order has as its goals and objectives to organize, promote, aid and engage in charitable, humanitarian, educational, medical and chivalric activities, particularly by: (a) aiding the poor, the sick, the needy, the aged, the infirm, the maimed, the mentally ill, the imprisoned and the socially disadvantaged; (b) assisting in the maintenance of holy places including, but not limited to, buildings, monasteries, seminaries, shrines, churches and cathedrals of the Orthodox Faith; and (c) establishing and promoting the works of hospitals, medical centers, orphanages, schools and other bona fide Orthodox institutions and/or organizations. To this end, the Order dedicates itself to an annual philanthropic project, for 2020 is dedicated to support the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem which oversees the Bethany Community of the Resurrection and many holy sites, such as the Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene located on the Mount of Olives, near the Garden of Gethsemane in East Jerusalem. The Order is led by the Sovereign Council, and by the Sovereign Knight of the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr.

In order to carry out its goals and objectives, the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr will receive applications from Orthodox Christians. Any person lay or cleric may apply for membership into the Order so long as such an individual meets the following criteria:

o is baptized and/or chrismated into the Orthodox Christian Faith;

o is NOT a member of a Masonic or Freemason fraternity and/or organization;

o is living according to Orthodox Christian principles;

o is a member in good standing of a local Orthodox parish;

o is of sound mind and judgment;

o is known to live honorably;

o is prepared to observe the rules and regulations of the Order of Saint George;

o is willing to make a solemn pledge of allegiance to the Order and to its mission at a

formal religious ceremony of investiture; and

o is no less than 21 years of age upon applying for membership.

Application packets for membership into the Order are supplied through our website. If approved, the individual will receive an official document signed and sealed by the Sovereign Knight, indicating the applicant’s reception into the Order with the formal rank of “Knight” or “Dame” unless the applicant wishes to be received in with a higher rank as indicated in their application.

Those received into the Order are received in accordance with their personal state and may choose the nature of their commitment in the activities of the Order. All new members of the Order shall be invested at an authorized religious ceremony of investiture as soon as practically possible after their acceptance. Those members of the Order of Saint George the Great Martyr belonging to the clergy, remain subject to the rules and regulations of their respective Hierarchs and Orthodox jurisdictions.


We believe that being an integral part of this order provides Orthodox Christians, both male and female, cleric and lay, with a vibrant, living, forceful and highly committed way to express one’s faith in tangible ways for their fellow Orthodox Christians who are in great need of assistance.


It offers the faithful members of the Orthodox Church outward ways in which to be of true Christly service and support as established in the beatitudes and in the basic Christian message of love and service. We are all called to serve, protect, and defend those who are the least among us.


Your commitments of “time, talent, and treasure” are respectfully requested. It is our deepest hope that you will see a place for yourself as a knight or dame of this Order, and, with us, reach out in the name of our Lord to our fellow Orthodox Christians.


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