Who is the Order of Saint George?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

A collection of words from our members about their lives, faith, and time in the Order.


Deacon Paul Siewers, University Professor Covering plane crashes, shootings, and other events as a reporter, I would often silently pray, “Lord how can I serve Thee?” That was before I had become an Orthodox Christian, but unworthily I have tried since finding our Lord’s Church to continue to seek out opportunities to serve Him, in deeper ways. Those opportunities have come as an educator teaching young people and leading community Bible studies, as a father and husband, and as a Warden and now Deacon at a mission parish of the Orthodox Church, glory to God. Despite my many sins, I have sought in prayer and with God’s grace to experience more of how service is at the heart of our Orthodox Christian faith and how real freedom comes in service to God, and in His name to our fellow man. So when I learned of the Order of St. George, I was inspired by its dedication to our fellow Orthodox Christians in need, and to its placing of such knightly service above careerism and mercenariness, for the building up of the Church. In the Order I have also gotten to know others who inspire me with their dedication to service in the Body of Christ, from various Orthodox jurisdictions, which also is a great blessing.


Seraphim Brodie, Musician-Composer

As far back as I remember, The Parable of the Talents in the Gospel of St. Matthew resonated strongly in me. I wanted to serve Our Lord with what meager gifts he granted me, and help further the Kingdom in some way, even if it meant bringing just one person to Christ. Growing up Protestant, I would serve as an organist and pianist for my church, even build a memorial garden. At the time, I considered this a start on the path of serving God, but knew I could do more.This quest to further serve, however well intentioned, was eventually halted by the spiritual death and numbness of my heart to the many passions that plagued me. Many years later, glory be to God, I learned of Holy Orthodoxy and the healing work of its mysteries and sacraments. When I became Orthodox, the calling of that very parable rang loudly once again in me. My musical talents are given to the choir, but until recently I struggled to look for a place where most of my skills and abilities could be utilized directly to glorify Christ and his Church. God answered my prayers as I discovered the Holy Orthodox Order of St. George the Great Martyr. The Order’s call to total service to the church, in a manner befitting the universal Body of Christ, and the building up of healthy community and culture in line with the teachings of the Faith, resonated strongly with that prayer I had repeated for so many years.


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